The Responsibility Conscience

Society, our upbringing, parents, teachers, managers, organisations, the Government. We all desire freedom, but the question remains is it a want or a need. The debate about whether humanity needs a government, a body to control its actions has been around long. I have always wondered if perhaps we did not actually have a big brother on our backs, would humanity be more humane? More kind and caring?

Responsibility has been ingrained in us from a young age, if this was a case of conscience and not of being taught, then can it be safely assumed that not having a law to break would decrease the challenge for law breakers. If the responsibility conscience was then fed by ourselves perhaps we would care more about the next person, our fellow human mate, one who is like us. If there was no division nobody to call you different, to challenge you, if we were all one in wealth and power, in abilities, would it mean the world would be perfect?

Venture an opinion or two would you?

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One Response to The Responsibility Conscience

  1. jack says:

    Hi Olivia,

    Jack here long time reader first time poster. Just to say you and the lion write very well with interesting insights! Keep up the good write!

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