And the power goes to.

The Power Bag!

I was recently trolling through the internet and I found something I would much like to have. And I have decided it would be a nice idea to make you want it too. Its called the power bag, and it has the power to recharge your phone up twice! It also can charge your other gadgets such as tablets, readers, etc. The technology is quite simple. Every night you charge up the battery connected to the bag and during the day you can top your device from the charge retained by the bag. The bag can charge upto 4 devices at a time.

The downside for me would be that the reason I usually have no charge in my devices is because I forget to charge them up at night and if I did that with a power bag I’d imagine the point of it would be lost. The fact that the bag has a button on the other hand seems like so much fun! (Yes, I am a nerd!). The bags are quite ugly though, they seem burly and rather unattractive. This is a personal opinion, and I am also not a woman pro backpacks. I think they look rather strange on me. That being said I can see the market for these bags especially lying among those with long commutes.

You can check out the bag here :

PS: I was NOT paid to talk about the bag (as you can tell with some of my rude comments).

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