Too far from the crib

I have noticed that the older I have got, the less advice I receive from people. Perhaps its the amazing growth and maturity that I have shown in the past year, however I am starting to think it might be that I have gotten far too arrogant over time. Either ways, I miss the advice. I miss people telling me its all going to fine. I think I miss being taken care of or treated like a child.

Its ironic that the older you get the more stronger the exterior you are to exude. Mature, powerful etc.  But what if you can’t, I think most 25 – 30 year old’s are still figuring it out. Here you are second job, a committed relationship/ newly single, finding somewhere to live and then confused. What now? Nobody ever prepares you for what happens after you get a job, have enough money and a loving relationship or a respectable single life. Its sad that most of my education (I don’t want to generalise) was to make this amazing life for my self. The life consisted of a high flying career and all the stuff that comes from it. Nobody said to me that doing the same things over and over would make me absolutely bored. That monotony was awful. What happens to us 25 year old’s who haven’t got a clue about what’s next, how to get there and where can I possibly get a break? What happens to those of us who want advice and not therapy?

“Her cries pierce the darkness. Through the blackened halls, she wanders and calls their names, but only the silence replies to her. Confused, she searches their hiding places. Calling them as she travels from room to room. The panic in her voice growing as she finds nothing but emptiness in their usual hiding places. She cannot understand why they do not come to her. So on through the blackened halls she wanders. Searching for that which she has lost” (

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