Discrimination in an Equal World

To begin with I am an immigrant in a more developed country and I have my entire family settled in the developed country, however I cannot stay here as I am over 18 and beyond this point you are considered an adult and therefore completely independent of your family and according to the border, they seem to think you don’t need them. I respect that there has to boundaries and there is a need for rules, surely everybody can’t be allowed to live anywhere, where is the fairness in that right? Well here’s my question, where is the fairness in not letting someone into another country who is not a mass murderer obviously and does not intend to do any harm? I understand if they bar ycan work for the lower pay. I understand that each country have to look after their own country men, I wonder who’s fault it is that I was born in a developing country and not in a developed country. Why do the developed countries have immense numbers of immigrants, everybody wants to get the advantages of being in a developed country. I am not a student of the social economic status, perhaps I dont understand the implications of a world citizenship, but here I am writing my own opinions and it feels like I am being discriminated against by my location of birth. It does not matter how hard I try because I was born in a different country I have to work twice as hard to prove myself and yet they change rules and continuously try to make my life hell, where as the other people do not have such problems. Being stuck in a job because I cannot move jobs due to visa restrictions makes me behind other people who are allowed to do what they want to, people are allowed to move jobs, trial them, take internships that pay little or no money and they can do this because they are allowed to stay in the country. Illegal immigration wouldnt be such a problem if the world had one citizenship and everybody was allowed to move and live anywhere. That companies could hire anybody and it was based purely on merit  rather than family. The hierarchy of the world is unfair and as much as we fight discrimination, equality is light years away. I know that my children and theirs will be judged by where they were born and therefore the opportunities available to them will be limited. It depends on family and how much money they have and who you are. Yes there are people who make it from scratch, but honestly what happens to the regular person who doesnt have the skill or extreme intelligence to make a massive difference?

What if I never make it,  never be successful,  never have enough money to pay for the stuff you know you want, that  you desire you feel represents who you are in your head and yet you cant be that person and it reflects on your person and on your life itself! Its unfair that a persons dignity is so closely intertwined to the money you make, to the career you have, to the life you can lead. Its annoying that a visa is what makes you who you are. What happened to equality?  There is no equality in the world where you are always defined by your country of birth, by the colour of your skin, to hear the rudeness in someone’s voice on a phone far away, when they know you are not the person they thought you were, the anger, the aloofness when they realise you don’t speak like an immigrant should. If there was true equality there would be one world, one world order and true equality across the board that everybody would have equal rights to every thing, to leave a country to go to the next that you would not be judged and slotted based on the country you were born in . Its like you are being blamed for the economic state of your country, when you were born a baby in your mothers womb your fate was decided your life slotted, you are from a third world country, to get into another you need money, you need to be different, if you aren’t smarter, more intelligent, more capable than the next and the next, and mostly more luckier, that fate, karma and God would be on your side, you have no rights. You cannot escape the life, the traditions, the future that was handed down  to you and intended for you. If your parents cant afford to educate you, you go no where what if nobody told you or showed you what you could be, what is out there and what you can achieve? You ll never know and if you never know you cant succeed but its far worse than to have seen, to have explored, yet to give up, its stupid and atrociously unfair. My rant will get me nowhere like screaming into to the wind

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