Blogging for the introvert

I have been tormented by this question for a while now, is blogging for introverts? Blogging in itself seems to me like an extroverted act, sharing your life and yourself with not just one person, but with the entire blogosphere. Personally, I would define myself as being an introvert as shocking as that is to most people who know me, I think I appear extroverted but I have a lot of introverted tendencies. Drawing from stereotypes I would say they are things like hiding away everytime I have spent a lot of time with other people, needing me time, getting away, hiding, avoiding people, going out, maybe these are signs of depression instead of introvertedness (this is probably not a word). Getting back to the topic, the thing I enjoy about blogging is the anonymity that I can keep despite the sharing of my life online. 

If anybody has read Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she talks about how the world today is not meant for introverts, what with facebook, twitter, instagram etc. its all about putting yourself out there, to the point that if you didn’t you might find it very hard to find a job aka Linkedin. What do you think are the coping strategies that an introvert uses to be sucessful in today’s digital age?

I’ll get back to you once I’ve figured some of them out, or I finish reading “Quiet”

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