When the UKBA control your life: Woes of an immigrant

It has now almost five months since the appeal was allowed and I am yet to receive my visa. As cliché as it maybe, I have been under tremendous stress! Watching my friends and family progress whilst I am in a state of limbo, its like being trapped in a prison of no progression and has been extremely difficult for me. When I had completed my MSc, I assumed I would be able to find a good job, and advance my life, however visa restrictions made all of this very difficult. As more time progresses, it becomes harder to hope for a better future and just move forward. It makes you spiral to a point where you feel like you are going in circles like I hope for the best but I cant see that it might be a possibility for me. Like I am not capable, like success, happiness, and stability, progression for a 30 year old, its for someone else not me. 

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